Three Dorsica States

The Three Dorsica States was a political entity that represented three nations that succeeded from Atharkin. Dukes Tameris, Koth and Dossiri declared their independence from the weakening King Tansom of Atharkin, selecting Tameris to be their own king. Thus the Kingdom of Dorsica was born.

Tameris’ son, Ferrick, married Duke Koth’s daughter Ellia and later ascended the throne of Dorsica. This left the Dossiri out of the emerging royal dynasty, sowing the seeds for tension that would develop over the coming years.

The dissent amongst the Dossiri nobility, along with the growing influence of the Church of the Benevolents nearly brought the three noble houses to war. In a desperate attempt to avoid the type of chaos that still tore through Atharkin and maintain their lucrative relations with other nations, the nobles drafted a novel approach to governance.

The three noble lines would maintain control of their respective lands, sharing equal measure in decisions that affected the nation as a whole. Dorsica was renamed the Three Dorsica States and this new agreement appeared to work for several years. However, there was still a perceived alliance between the houses of Koth and Tameris and any time they sided against Dorsica, the resentment grew.

Their unity finally fractured when Tameria and Kovir refused to adopt The Church of the Benevolents as the official religious institution of the nation. In a fit of rage, the Dukes were branded enethma by the church and Duke Dossiri called for the peoples of Tameria and Kovir to replace their leaders.

Some violence followed, but they avoided a full scale civil war. The Church never rescinded their declaration, but the three leaders settled their differences, at least in public. The three nations never united again, the Three Dorsica States alliance was dead.

Three Dorsica States

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