Church of the Benevolents

The Church is a strong, growing religious and political entity amongst the peoples in the old Atharkin region.

The Church has a strict hierarchical structure, the head of which is called The Prophet.

The Church is unique in its approach to worship and religious leadership. Their teachings tend to be human centric, and not widely accepted outside their sphere of influence, which has grown steadily over the years. Not all priests of the Church of the Benevolents cast Divine spells, this ability is seen as a sign of great piety and favor within the church, but not a determining factor for rank within the church hierarchy.

The Church teaches the worship of most of the Gods in The Tel’Celestal Pantheon that represent positive aspects.

The gods recognized as the Benevolent Pantheon are:

Wee Jas

The Benevolents are opposed by the singular source of all evil, the god-figure “Legion”. The Church teaches that the “dark gods” that other peoples recognize are actually different faces of this singular evil entity and demons, devils and other dark spirits are his servants.

Legion is described in Benevolents teachings as a black skinned elf-like figure, with long, thin limbs and a featureless face. He wears a belt around his waist, and on his belt are different masks that represent the “dark gods”. It is said he holds a given mask over his face when acting within a given dark god’s sphere.

Within the Church, they teach that Ellessia and Myhriss represent virtuous and proper behavior for women. Kalistria and Wee Jas are said to be vain, fickle and easily given in to their passions. Several Church parables teach of how Kalstria or Wee Jas are nearly seduced by a masked Legion, only to be saved at the last moment by virtuous Myhriss or Ellessia.

Church dogma dictates that Ehlonna is a servant of Obed-Hai, and not actually a goddess herself.

Church of the Benevolents

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