Syl'viaria in Danger

With the threat to Izzalin dispatched and the rewards acquired, everyone prepared to depart Izzlain and head south toward the Stones of Ekos. On a whim, Samnymian decided to use the Sending ability of his new robe to send a message to the elven courier, Syl’varia, with whom he had spent some time, the last time he was in this town.

The response from the elven adventuress was unexpected, she was in peril, held captive by the same Elven Lord that appeared to be behind the dwarven mining activities. Samnymian discovered she was in the depths of the Lathlorian Forest, somewhere south west of the area known as the Barrelwood. Syl’viaria’s brothers, the twins Lor’bevarien and Lor’eriden were captured as well, but she didn’t know their fates.

Samnymian rallied his friends, pooled their magical resources and quickly transported to the Barrellwood and began the trek into the deeper Lorenthian Forest. Phandria, familiar with the outer edges of the Forest for the most part, told the group of the general unknown nature of the deeper forest. Several of the surrounding human kingdoms claimed the wood in some part, but none of them could dominate it.



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