The Land

The Land of Primisti is primarily one large landmass surrounded by oceans and a collection of islands. The Sea of Falling Stars is to the West, The Forbidden Sea to the South, The Endless Sea to the East and the bleak, Frozen Wastes to the North. Most of the Land’s current geography is the result of the cataclysmic Sundering. Only a few geographical relics remain from the before The Sundering, such as Tal’Slorin Vist.

To the West, the Midnight Sea covers what was once the ancient Elven Homeland.

The Nandosa Plains are found in the center, divided by the great LandsBreak and watched over by the ever smoldering Mount Valgist.

To the South, lies the dangerous Gulf of Swords.

The The Eastern Kingdoms lay between the impassible Worldarch Climbs and the Endless Sea.

The Land

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