The Dark Seldarine

The Dark Seldarine is not a pantheon in of themselves, rather it is the goddess that was once Araushnee and those members of the Ancient Seldarine she dragged down with her in The Betrayal. The Elves of Primisti know Lolth seduced several of her children and peers into her dark design, they were banished along with her by the rest of the Seldarine.

Lolth (The Queen of Dark Fate)
Evil, Darkness, Corruption

Vhaeraun (The Vengeful Prince)
Thievery, Vengeance

Kiaransalee (The Restraining Princess)
Slavery, Undead

Zinzerena (The Mesmerizing Princess)
Rebellion, Seduction

Seveltarm (The Warrior Prince)
War, Battle, Violence

Eilistraee (The Dark Maiden)
Dance, Song, Swordplay, and Moonlight


The Dark Seldarine

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