Tal’Mythaerasil, island homes of Elvenkind on the eastern coast for the world.

The story of the founding of Tal’Mythaerasil, the Loss of the Song of the Horizon

Tal’Mytherasil Cities, Towns & Villages

Laerenth’Nurae – The only real city on the islands and serves as capitol and major port of the Elven nation. Here The Council, or Summer Court, governs the affairs of the elven nation from the Bastion of Stars.

Kheleni – First port built to support Laerenth’Verael. This is the port untrusted ships are brought to. The warders that watch over the wilderness surrounding the lost city have their fortress here.

Vaeralonde – Famous as a quiet seaside retreat for the training of Wizards, Sorcerers and other Arcanists.

Thesselenar – A fishing village on the coast of Lake Esharias, this elven town acts as a major hub for those traveling on the road from Laerenth’Nurae to Laurelinde.

Laurelinde – This elven village is nestled amongst the cliffs of the Laurelinde Falls. Ramps, stairs and bridges link the various settled areas together.

Daedolon – Built buy Daedaren Searider, this town supports the work of Daedaren’s great shipyard. Most Tal’Mytherasil vessels are built here.

Ryoril – This seaside village grew around several schools for various performance arts.

Laerenth’Verael – Lost City of Tal’Mytherasil, the first city created and then abandoned seven years later. Legend says its construction was rushed and therefore flawed.

Government of Tal’Mytherasil

The Council / The Summer Court
The leading, most respected members of the elves of Tal’Mytherasil. With the lack of royal family, the council has ruled the elves for 2300 years. There are factions among the Council, but they are united enough that important work does get done. The Council is moderated by the Exarch, who acts as regent for the absent royals.

The Winter Court
For some the Winter Court is but a rumor, but for elves in the know, the Court itself and its purpose is known, but the membership is a close guarded secret. These wise and powerful elves work behind the scenes to preserve Tal’Mytherasil, sometimes employing less honorable means to do so, if nessessary. The purpose of the Winter court is not at odds with the Summer Court, the end goals are much the same. The Winter Court recognizes their own methods bring the danger of corruption and strive to watch themselves as well.


Averlorn – Thickly forested, numerous predators, patroled by the Warders
Merwynvian – Light forested hills surrounding a thick, grassy valley known as the Highland. Here the herds of elven steeds are tended. Various Elven Knighthoods train based out from Wynvian Keep.
Fin’rothiel – Forests dot the rocky ground where rivers cut their way toward the mist shrouded cliffs, the cliffs range between 300 and 600 feet above the ocean.
Neldorea – This is a thickly forested region with few settlements. Warders use great hunting cats as mounts.
Ky’Eyrie – Rocky islands home to the Elven Dragonlords
Annathel – Rich woodlands heavy with fruit trees, oaks, and other common coniferous trees with small stretches of open grasses.
Deldibonae – Tall oaks and sycamores dominate the eastern region of Tal’Mytherasil.
Er’Lyrion Reach – Known for the thick pine wood of the southern heights.

Summer Court
Winter Court
Silent Court

House Lanthaneth

Original Elven homeland, Eldra’dorlendil was destroyed in the Sundering.


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