Song of the Horizon

During the war the Necromantic forces of the Lich Lord, many of the immortal Elven Eldrasil were slain. The Elves, loath to let one of their beloved trees fall in vain, took the remnants of the tree and turned it into the construction of something beautiful. One such construct was the Elven Warship, The Song of the Horizon.

When the war ended in the catacylsmic creshendo of The Sundering, the Song of the Horizon was far from home. The World had lost itself in the maddness of chaos. The nearby land sank beneath relentless waves while spires of rock, once at home at be bottom of the sea, suddenly rose upwards, tearing at the sky. The captain and crew of the Elven warship, the Song of the Horizon, found themselves at the mercy of the elements.

The Song of the Horizon was wrecked upon spires of rock from the sea floor. Her crew scattered to the waves. Most of those elves who survived the initial wreck followed the ship’s first mate, Kheleni, to shelter on a newly risen island while the Song of the Horizon was torn in twain by other spires of rock from the depths below.

Despair threatened to claim the survivors, even if they could salvage enough materials to construct some sort of craft, the weather gave no sign of relenting. It was as if the world had given in to madness, had the Lich Lord won? Was Life doomed to the screaming darkness? It would be many years before the survivors would lean the fate of the rest of the world.

Hylanthalias Soaringsky, Captain of the ruined Song of the Horizon rallied his people, setting them to task, knowing that idleness was the surest path to despair. In the days that followed, the sea and sky remained locked in the raging storm, the aftermath of the Sundering. The Elven survivors explored their rocky refuge and built shelters from the wreckage of the Song of the Horizon.

Hylanthalias spent many days among the skeletal remains of his ship, ruined atop a spire of jagged rocks. It was there he prayed, he sang to Corellon, to Sehanine, to Sashelas, and the rest of The Seldarine. When the other elves heard his song over the din of the raging storm, they joined in. They sang of their fear, their hopes, their loneliness, their loss. The united song stretched out, through the violent aftermath of the Sundering’s wake, to the High Place, where the Elders weeped for their scattered children. The Song they returned was so pure, it lulled the Elves into a gentle slumber.

Upon awakening, Hylanthalias was the first to behold the Blessing The Seldarine passed to them. New life pulsed in the shattered remains of the Song of the Horizon. Thick roots stretched from the two halves of the great ship’s keel, driving deep into the rocks. Branches reached eagerly up into the sky, seeking out the sunlight that peeked down from gaps in the clouds of the fading storm. Where once their had been a ruined ship, the trunks of twin Eldrasils intertwined. And where the Eldrasil grew, more life was sure to flourish.

Hylanthalias returned to his people, this island would be their outpost. While it could never be home,it would be safe, it would be a place where they would grow strong again. Other surviving elves would find their way here and join them, join them in Tal’Mytharasil.


Song of the Horizon

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