Before the discussion delves into the various races that populate the Primisti world, I want to break from the narrative about the game world and discuss some game theory. For me, the inclusion of Fantasy Races helps to create the High Fantasy atmosphere I strive to create in Primisti. They are non-human, but not in-human, since all of them are based on the Role Playing talents of players. There need to be various aspects of the races that a player can relate to.
The races in Primisti have a story based reason for being there. There won’t always be clear game mechanic reasons for playing one race over another. I strive for game balance, but I sometimes fudge that a little bit in favor of the world storyline. In the case of some races, when a player might not find a game mechanical reason for playing a given race, my advice is to look at the story.


The Primisti Player Races

In the Eastern Kingdoms, the following Races are highly prevalent, many have their own homelands or kingdoms.

Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half Elves, Highborne, Humans

The following races may be found in small numbers in the Eastern Kingdoms area, usually these are individuals or very small groups.

Aasimar, Centaurs, Fey’ri, Halfling, Half Orcs, Kelden, Lythiri, Tiefling, Zaris


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