Into the Mountain

The Duchess’ expedition succeed in slaying the Fire Giant guards and freeing the Frost Giantess held in torturous captivity. Grateful from her freedom, the Frost Giantess, Eyalla , revealed what she had observed since her capture and the slaying of her companion mount, a large white dragon, the bones of which the party had observed amongst the bone-yard the necromancer giant was tending.

The Fire Giants hold sway over the ogres, while normally this area is ogre territory, the giants arrived around the same time as the first eruption from the volcano, although Eyalla isn’t sure of the exact timing. The King of the Fire Giants takes council from an Ogre Mage, who then takes the King’s orders and disseminates them to the various ogre clans. The Giants and Ogres mainly stick to themselves, Eyalla has observed arguments between them, but no real violence. The Ogre Mage appears to have a amulet identical to the corrupting crystal the group found in the druidic tomb months ago.

Eyalla believes that the giants are itching to move on with their invasion of Avenesse, but the King is waiting on something from the volcano. She has heard them mention moving on a druid stronghold first, then assaulting the capitol city. She’s seen Ogres and humans enter and exit the mountain, some humans as captives others as conspirators. There were several tieflings mixed in with the human conspirators. While she didn’t get the whole story from them, from what Elyalla gathered, something happened here at the mountain that called the Fire Giants. Since this mountain isn’t naturally volcanic, it is doubted that the eruption itself is what called them.

The druidess, Phen’dria, explained that the mountain shrine was created at this mountain because it had been a ley-line nexus point, in the days before the ley-lines were destroyed. The shrine had fallen into disuse as the ogres moved in, and even with the return of the ley-line energies about two hundred years ago, the shrine was mostly forgotten. Now it appears that whomever is behind all this is attempting to destroy the shrine by directing a lava flow into it.

Deciding the best course of action is to stick together and find out who is behind all this, the expedition decided they would delve into the mountain and uncover this mystery. The doorway immediately revealed this unusual nature of this place, there is no way all this construction could have taken place in the weeks since the first volcanic eruption. It took a sacrifice of blood to open the doors, revealing a dark, hot hallway stretching off into the mountain itself. The devious design including numerous deadly traps to not just prevent entry, but to slay would be intruders.

At the end of the first hallway, all heard a darkly feminine voice speak into their minds, it taunted them, seeming uncaring at their intrusion. The elder scholar, Mina, panicked at whatever was said to her and sprinted toward the exit of the mountain, this triggered a trap that released the chains supporting several heavy blocks in the ceiling. Mina was crushed and the entrance to the mountain was sealed shut. The voice’s haunting laughter the only response.

Pushing on, the expedition encountered several guards, identical to the ones the tiefling priestess brought with her in her attack upon them in the mountains. They encountered several disturbing visual anomalies in the deep corridors, when passing through them, the their surroundings and themselves took on a disturbing appearance, reminding Gretel of several of her more disturbing dreams.

Eventually, this led them to a chamber in which several humans, no doubt numbered amongst the collaborators Eyalla spoke of, sparing under the tutelage of a man recognized as the commander at Skyscar Keep and a woman clad in silks. Parley proved difficult as the commander immediately ordered his men to battle. He joined in, while the woman unleashed several fireballs from a wand. In the melee, all of the enemy were slain, save for the woman who fled down one of the two corridors. Shortly after each enemy fell, a demon rose from the corpse, but they too were dispatched…

Basalt Hammer Mining
Hard Times for Dwarven Miners

Dwarven Hammer of Valor
Cironden’s Chain
Blanket of Gainful Rest

Cross Country
Striking out across the Aveness Hills

Fandria, Elven druidess of Rillafane

Tip for the Hat
A Cool Hat Can Only Take You So Far

The minutes ticked by as Samnymian and the rest of the companions waited for word from his brother, Vedrail. What was supposed to be a quick scouting mission was dragging on much longer than it should have been. It may be a risk, but they decided it would be better to be safe than sorry. They decided to split the party, Kareth, Lok and Mina would remain with Duchess Jansylth, while everyone else proceeded toward the Inn to observe.

There was new activity outside the Greenhill Inn when they reached the far side of the road. And elderly human had arrived on horseback and appeared to be a little bothered that no one from inside the inn had come outside to assist him. Samnymian, Alluvien, Gretel and Ragnork proceeded toward the inn, while Ilosae and Ardok remained behind cover to observe.

The Elves burst into the Inn searching for Vedrail. Gretel and Ragnork watched outside a moment, before following them inside. Alluvian remained sentinel at the entryway while Samnymian moved through the Inn, the few customers seemed frozen in fright. As Samnymian made his way into the back, Ragnork discovered that one of the customers was a Highwayman, his throat cut some time ago.

Within the Inn’s root celler, Samnymian and Gretel found a straw man wearing Vedrail’s cloak, hanging from a support beam. A note on the dummy said they would exchange Vedrail for the Duchess. Ragnork found one of the Innkeepers who informed him that the bandits said they were to meet at the bridge for the exchange.

The idea of bargaining with Hat’s bandits was quickly dismissed by the group. Alluvian found they trail and set off in pursuit. Ragnork found the old man, still holding his saddle, was following him along the trail, despite the Shevorei warrior’s attempts to dissuade him.

They discovered the bandits had several sentinels in the trees along the way and quickly dealt with them, the two elves working in concert. The trail led further into the hills, where a conflict at a tree fall revealed the bandit camp. There was a grand melee between the compainons and the bandits, wherein all made good account of themselves. Vedrail had freed himself from the bonds “The Hat” had put him in, but was to late to pursue the bandit leader. Gretel made good use of a darkness spell to throw the bandit’s strategy into chaos.

Which Road to Choose?

Even without knowing exactly what it was, the entire grouped sensed the overwhelming wrongness of the metal encased crystal recovered from the fel druidic oracle’s lair. Alluvien in particular felt a sense of dread attraction to the sickly sweet energies that emanated from it. These energies manifested in a peculiar way the first night the companions camped along the road to Andalain when the bag was ripped open by a imp like demon. For all appearances, the object was not only slowly transforming the chain shirt that was used to insulate it and the bag holding both, but it had somehow summoned the demonling into the world.

With a sense of burning urgency, the party picked up their pace toward the capitol. Along the way they encountered a Shevorei merchant, her guards and a Highwayman messenger. They learned that an Arcanrith Shunt, the large arcane power gathering crystals used to light the city, had been stolen. The King has ordered Andalain’s gates locked. No one could leave the city until the stone was recovered. This left the merchant in a quandary, they could take their goods into the city, but they would be stuck there until the King lifted the edict.

Normally the land outside Andalain’s walls is kept clear by the city, both for aesthetic and security reasons. But now, with exit from the city blocked and entry limited, a growing crowd had settled outside the walls. Gretel was able to send word to the Temple of Palor about the fel relic and ask for High Priest to secure it. While waiting for word from the temple, Vedrail was approached by a recruiter from the Highwaymen and Alluvien by a representitive of nobel. Both were recruiting adventerous sorts, displaced by the lockdown.

Vedrail learned the Highwaymen were directed by the King to add one hundred to their number in order to scour the countryside for those that stole the Arcanrith Shunt. After a brief horsemanship and swordsmanship test, an applicant would sign up for a term of service to end, “When your services are no longer needed.” The vague, long spanning nature of this requirement didn’t sit well with most of the members of the party who had considered such a commission in the beginning.

Alluvien learned that Kareth of Andalain was recruiting people to join the Duchess Jansylth’s expedition to the Westral Mountains to uncover the nature of the volcanic eruptions that even now were lightly sprinkling ash across the country side. She required eight individuals to act as both protectors and associate investigators for herself, Kareth and two scholars from Andalain. She offered a gold a day, payable upon their return to Andalain, with the promise of hazard pay, based on the dangers the expedition might face along the way. The Duchess also stated that any spoils along the way, unless specifically related to the King’s Charge to investigate the eruptions would be evenly distributed amongst those involved.

The party pondered which offer they might consider while Gretel handed over the fel crystal to a pair of Paladins of Palor sent to the gate by the High Priest of Palor. She also passed on what they had learned of the crystal and a warning to treat it with utmost caution.

The five companions discussed their options; join the Highwaymen and scour the land for the missing Shunt, join Duchess Jansylth’s expidition to the mountains, enter the city to investigate the theft and the lockdown or perhaps go their seperate ways and search out their paths. In the end, they decided to remain together, joining the Duchess’ westward expedition.

The Duchess’ expedition departed after Kareth found the remaining three individuals needed to make the twelve Jansylth required. In additon to the five compainions, the expidtion was comprised of;
Duchess Jansylth Evanae Lyrie
Kareth of Andalain – Duchess Jansylth’s Bodyguard/Assistant.
First Scholar Mina of the Andalain Magesterium
Loremaster Lok Arcayn – Elderly Highborn Wizard and Scholar, hired by the Duchess
Ardok – Half Orc Fighter
Miran’othael – Ranger
Ilosae of Raelenain – Fighter

Tracking the Lost
Dark thing stir in the Wilds as well...

The brawl between the Avenesse Patrol and the black armored men was not going well. Outnumbered, even with the assistance of the Elven brothers, things looked grim for the Patrol until the quick arrival of Knight Captain and more guardsmen. After subduing the brawlers, the Knight Captain spoke with the Elves to get their story about what happened. The elder mage, who’s home was being robbed, requested that they return on a later date to receive their reward.

Samnymian and Vedrail

Shadows on the Road to Andalain
There are a lot of dangers on the road...

The frostfire demon dispatched, the companions decided to rest until dawn, as several of them had suffered from the fell being's strength draining touch. Fortunately, with the light of dawn, their strength returned. They took lunch at the large roadhouse at the intersection of the road from Sulshonain and the larger road between Andalain and Raelenain. The Wolfish Grin acts as the stay over point for the regular coach run between the two larger cities, making it quite a nice place despite is remote location. The tavern room was rather empty upon their arrival, save for a pair of shadowy men with an apparent keen interest in the group. Samnymian thought to introduce himself to the two men, but the larger of the two imposed himself between the Elves and the other man with the wide brimmed hat. The larger human spoke vaguely of the dangers of the road, but wouldn't speak of specifics. Having exhausted attempts to engage the two shadowy men in productive dialog, the group moved on to the neighboring general store, bought some supplies and a few fresh pies and returned to the road. The party pressed on when they heard the sound of music coming from a small roadside inn. While not as nice an establishment as The Wolfish Grin, the Blue Oak Inn felt more welcoming. Within its main room, two bards had taken the stage, both with stringed instruments. Within a few minutes, Vendrail had joined them, making the duo a trio with the addition of his violin. Part way through the impromptu performance, Samnymian noticed the two shadowy men they'd met at The Wolfish Grin and made a point of drawing attention to their previous encounter. A short time later, Ragnork had a confrontation with the two in the hallway upstairs, the exchange was punctuated with Ragnork breaking the larger man's nose. The party discovered that their rooms had been carefully gone through, as if someone was looking for something. They decided to share two to a room as well as keep watch. Gretel was roused from a deep sleep for her watch in the room she was sharing with Ragnork. It didn't take very long for the dwarven priestess to sense something was wrong. She could see flames flickering behind the door to the hallway and all attempts to rouse the human failed. Gretel gazed out the window to a scene of desolate horror, gone was the verdant wood and pastureland, the large oak in the Inn's courtyard was replaced by a sculpture of twisted red iron, upon which several small creatures were impaled. Repulsed, she turned away from the scene. Sensing troubling magics, she opened the door to discover the inn wreathed in flame and although warm it didn't consume the wooden in or harm her flesh. Neither Elf seemed roused by her hammering on their door. Thats when she heard the sounds of activity from below. Carefully the young priestess made her way to the stairway. The flames licked eagerly up her legs as she walked through the burning hallway, but she was unharmed. The common room of the inn was almost too much to comprehend. There were patrons and a barmaid going about their business as they would any other time. However, instead of the humans she had seen hours ago, these were all demons. But these demons still resembled the humans they had been. It was then that Gretel's gaze fell upon the large mirror on the bar side wall. She caught her own reflection. In her place was a creature of the lower planes, a demoness… Gretel awoke with a start, to find Ragnork attempting to awaken her for her watch. The entire horrifying experience had been a dream. Unsettled, she shared what had happened to her companions and they decided to press on at sunrise. The ambush that afternoon was almost expected. A globe of darkness ensorcelled the group as arrows rained down upon them. Samnymian was thef first to free himself from the globe to disover a squat demonic creature leaping to attack. Arrows continued to rain down from a copse of trees some distance away, striking Ragnork greviously. The demon was dispatched by the united efforts of the group. The Elven brothers fanned out to flank the snipers as Gretel drug the unconscious Human to safety. Sadly their attackers fled before Samnymian and Vedrail could catch up to them, but Gretel was able to sooth Ragnork's wounds with the healing magics of Palor. With grim determination, they pressed on, reaching the grand gates of Andalain an hour before nightfall. As a group they moved through the unfamiliar city, its large buildings and wide thoroughfares lit impressively by a series of street illumination spheres mounted on the tops of ten foot staves. The magical energy required for such a grandiose display was provided by the large crystal and brass constructions stationed at regular intervals throughout the city. The two Elven brothers found these quite disturbing to be around. They reached the Grand Temple of Palor around sunset and were quickly ushered inside. Gretel was taken to see the High Priest while the rest of the group waited outside. Gretel was introduced to a visitor from the Church of the Benevolents, Lord Priest Malthatanius. His dislike of Gretel and Dwarves in general was not well hidden, this rude behavior seemed to embarrass the High Priest, a man of humble and pious nature. As Lord Priest Malthatanius strode out of the High Priest's chambers, he encounted the rest of Gretel's companions. Once again his racist attitude was obvious to everyone and Vedrail made a point of making several derisive comments. The Lord Priest, unused to such rude treatment by those he considers below him, made a point of learning the young Elf's name. The Elves laughed off the aristocrat's affront and when Gretel rejoined them, decided to go out for a night on the town. Ragnork parted with them then, planning to find a quite place in the Temple to get some sleep. The rest went to the IronCask Brewpub, where they sampled the Dwarven ales and beer for several hours. The two Elves escorted Gretel back to the Temple, then made there way back to an Inn a Temple Guard by the name of Rosham recommended. As the two brothers made there way along the brightly lit streets, they noticed about a dozen men, clad in blackened armor, closing in on them. Realizing they ment them harm, the two Elves ran swiftly into the shadows. Brightly lit streets means very dark alleyways. Sadly the attempt by the two to hide was thrwarted when their persuers spotted them the bottom of a building's substairs. As the men drew cudgles and moved in to attack, the door suddenly unlocked and the two Elves scrambled inside. Samnymian and Vedrail's two would-be resucers were a pair of young women, one human, one elven, clad in black leather armor. The two led them upstairs where it became apparent to the brothers that they were thieves. In exchange for the rescue, the women asked for assistance opening a safe. Samnymian purloined a Knock spell from the mind of the home's owner and opened the safe. The four of them left via the roof as the armored men bashed open the downstairs door. The two thieves bid them farewell, vanishing along the city's rooftops. Samnymian and Vedrail climbed to street level and decided to notify the city guard about the breakin… several black armored men.

Journey Begins

The young dwarven priestess of Palor, Gretel, is called before the High Priest of her temple, Mathir. He introduces her to the venerable priest Penthirn, who has stopped to rest at their small temple, on his way to the capitol.

Poor Penthirn is simply to feeble to continue on his journey, but the groundbreaking for the new wing at the Temple of Palor in the Avaneese Capitol is set to begin in a week. Penthirn is carrying a simple Seal of Palor, a decorative holy symbol that is to be used in the opening rite. Mathir suggests that perhaps young Gretel could carry the symbol to the Capitol in Penthirn’s stead. Penthirn turned his piercing gaze upon the young priestess, calling upon the wisdom of Palor to aid in his decision. In time the aged priest nodded, turning over the Seal after gaining the priestess’ promise to faithfully fulfill her duty.

Gretel was given the wooden box with the Seal of Palor within and a small purse of gold coins. She is told she can hire a mercenary guard or two, to escort her to the capitol should she see fit.

Outside the Temple of Palor, a young warrior found himself confused by the instructions given to him by a pack-master recently fallen on hard times. Those hard times had left the Shevori warrior stranded in a foreign town. The instruction were to lead him to a local Inn, and from there possible employment. Fate appeared to push the two together, as Gretel led the human to his destination, she learned he was in search of employment and she could use a guard and escort.

The two began the journey on foot.

That evening, an Elven Chaneller, making his way through the Avenesse wilderness on his own discovered the campsite where Ragnork kept watch. The priestess had retired for the night when Samnymian Draksul reached their camp. His keen elven eyes revealed something unusual about the Dwarven priestess’ pack, he carefully called out to the somewhat shaken warrior, informing him of that fact. With a bit of trepidation, Ragnork gazed upon the figure of a small demonic figure, attempting to steal the small box Gretel had been entrusted with.

The three quickly dealt with the intruder from the lower planes and after a brief introduction, the priestess invited Samnymian to join their group on the journey to the capitol.

As their journey progressed into the second day’s march, they began to hear the faint sound of music, which grew as they continued on their way. Eventually the spied another elf, sitting on the edge of a bridge his attention divided between a fishing pole and the fiddle tucked under his chin. Much to his surprise, Samnymian discovered it was his brother Vedrail. The two elf brothers had not seen each other in well over five years.

Gretel warmly invited the bard to join their growing troupe, much to Ragnork’s chagrin. A pair of elven brothers just happening to meet along the same road? The warrior’s training told him to be cautious of such coincidences.

That night, the group was plagued once more by demonic forces. Eerily, the campfire appeared to freeze in place and a blue skeletal figure rose up from the ground. With a voice like great ice sheets cracking, the creature spoke, “Give me the Seal” while reaching for Gretel. The group struggled against the fel creature until Samnymian suggested to Gretel that she use her healing magics as an offensive weapon. The purity of Palor sundered the creature into fragments of ice, that melted with the rising of the sun.

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